Acrylic Ocular Prosthetics

The acrylic ocular prosthesis has been in use since WWII with some advances in impression and curing techniques along the way and is still by far the most popular artificial eye in use in the United States.  The acrylic is the easiest to work with for the ocularist and the most comfortable and cosmetically accurate for the patient.

The advantages of acrylic are:

- Very lightweight
- Easy to adjust both shape and color
- Acrylic is very comfortable and provides for precise matching to the natural eye
- Is long-lasting (5-7 years vs. 2 years for glass prostheses)

The disadvantages of acrylic are:

- Rarely but sometimes the acrylic can cause an allergic type reaction in the patient

Advanced Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. is a woman-owned business in the Pittsburgh, Pa area that specializes in the manufacturing and fitting of artificial eyes and scleral cover shells. Our goal is to make the best looking and most comfortable artificial eyes, all the while maintaining a friendly and warm relationship with our patients and the professional community.

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