Making an Eye
The Making of an Artificial Eye

At AOP two different types of artificial eyes are made, acrylic (plastic) and silicone.  Please use the links below to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages to each.

ACRYLIC                                                  SILICONE

An acrylic prosthesis is typically made in one day with a check up visit scheduled one month later to fine tune the appearance and comfort.  A silicone prosthesis is made in two consecutive days.  The procedure can vary depending on the patient, but this is the typical process for making an artificial eye.



The shape of the prosthesis is made with wax that places the lids and tissues to match the living eye. The shape fills the space left by the removal of the globe.



A mold is made of the wax shape and filled with white.



The white shape is then hand painted to match the living eye.



A layer of clear is added to seal in the painting and provide the glossy appearance.



The final fitting is performed and any necessary modifications are made.Layla 2

Advanced Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. is a woman-owned business in the Pittsburgh, Pa area that specializes in the manufacturing and fitting of artificial eyes and scleral cover shells. Our goal is to make the best looking and most comfortable artificial eyes, all the while maintaining a friendly and warm relationship with our patients and the professional community.

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