Silicone Ocular Prosthetics

Occasionally, a person who needs an artificial eye has issues wearing an acrylic artificial eye. This is when the use of a silicone ocular prosthesis is recommended.  Although the silicone is more difficult to make, it can be the solution to the comfort issues certain patients can experience with acrylic.

The advantages of silicone are:

- Only alternative to acrylic
- Silicone has a ‘softer’ feel to it’s surface allowing for some ‘give’
- Can alleviate allergic reactions to acrylic prosthesis or other comfort problems

The disadvantages of silicone are:

- A silicone artificial eye takes two days to make
- The silicone prosthesis is more expensive
- It is almost impossible to adjust once it has been made

Similarities to acrylic:

- Lasts the same amount of time (5-7 years)
- Still needs to be polished every 6 months to a year
- Uses the impression fit technique to provide the best results

Advanced Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. is a woman-owned business in the Pittsburgh, Pa area that specializes in the manufacturing and fitting of artificial eyes and scleral cover shells. Our goal is to make the best looking and most comfortable artificial eyes, all the while maintaining a friendly and warm relationship with our patients and the professional community.

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